Physical Education


All students, preschool through eighth grade, participate in age-appropriate physical education twice a week.  Students are exposed to a variety of activities and sports designed to challenge their ability levels, teach the importance of team-play, and assess the growth and development of their fine and gross motor skills.

Physical education at MHT focuses on learning how to keep the body God has given us healthy and strong.  Throughout the year students learn the importance of physical fitness, proper stretching before and after activity, nutrition, and how to make healthy snacking choices.  They also learn the major muscles and bones of the body and how they function.

An introduction to a variety of sports including soccer, lacrosse, track and field, softball, basketball, badminton, and four-square, is central to helping our children discover a physical activity they enjoy.  Our program gives each student the basic knowledge they need to play various sports and supports the student's self-esteem through encouragement and fellowship.

We believe every child has some level of physical ability that can flourish with opportunity, instruction, and encouragement.  Our physical education program is designed to provide our students with skills to make healthy lifestyle choices, find physical activities they can enjoy as they grow, and understand the importance of fair-play and being a team player.