Why Choose MHT


Advantages of a Small Catholic School

1.     Academic Advantage –Lower student to teacher ratio with increased individual attention improves academic retention.

2.     Family Climate –In small Catholic schools every student is known by every staff member and many of the other parents which aids in the development of important inter-personal relationships. In addition parents and staff have a much closer relationship.

3.     Individual Development – Small Catholic schools provide opportunities for children to build their self esteem through cooperative learning, peer-teaching and tutoring, and a variety of leadership roles that are not always available to every child in a larger school.

Why Choose Most Holy Trinity Catholic School?

1.     Our students begin every morning with an all-school assembly where each grade level, from kindergarten to eighth grade, take turns leading the school in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, morning prayers, and daily readings. At this time we recognize special achievements and birthdays so every child has a chance to feel special.

2.     All students, including kindergarteners, take active roles in school masses every Friday.

3.     By the time our students graduate eighth grade they are confident, accomplished public speakers.

4.     Smaller class sizes provide individual attention from teachers and less disruption and distraction from students.

5.     Our student population is culturally diverse.

6.     90% of our students receive some form of financial aid.

7.     99% of our students go to Catholic High Schools.

8.     99% of our students go to the high school of their choice.

9.     Our campus has an Outdoor Education Center where teachers can conduct their lessons outside and where we have morning assembly, Friday prayer, theatrical performances, and class presentations.

10.  Our students prepare to receive their sacraments with the Parish Clergy and S.O.L.T. Sisters on campus.

11.  Parents are encouraged to join us in morning assembly, weekly Masses, and special events on campus throughout the year.