Parent Testimonials

"My children feel welcomed and safe even though they have only been here seven months."

"I love that every student, parent, and faculty member knows my child by name."

"My oldest child has excelled at his Catholic High school because of the work ethic and education he received at MHT."

"The three years we spent with our MHT Family have been truly amazing. The teachers are outstanding. Together with the Principal and involved parents, they are continually taking MHT to the next level. Due to job-related circumstances, our family had to relocate out of state and we had to pull our son before the school year ended. They had a special family blessing and send off for us during morning assembly that made both me and my husband cry. When we picked up our son during recess on his last day all the students from the field, big and small, started coming up to him to tell him they would miss him. They were still shouting good-byes to him as we walked to our car which made it even harder to leave! MHT is a sincere family which is difficult to find many places. If we didn't have to move out of state, we would've been with MHT all the way—once a Tiger Always a Tiger!" – The Klopp Family

"Most Holy Trinity's mission statement sums up the years we have experienced here. We are all truly one family committed to Christ and called to Learn, Love and Lead. Our children learn about their faith. They love their school environment and friends, and they lead by the examples that the great staff has shown them over the years. At MHT we truly feel at home; it is our 'diamond in the rough'." – The Ramos Family

"Nuestros hijos van a la Escuela Santisima Trinidad desde hace 6 años.  La experiencia que tenemos con relation ala escuela, es muy satisfactoria, debido que nosotros somos una familia practicante en la Fe catolica.

Para mi como madre de mis hijos era mi mayor preocupacion donde realmente estudiarian, debido a que las escuelas publicas mantienen enseñanzas contradictorias a la moral y la Fe. Mi mayor anhelo es que nuestros hijos vayan creciendo en un ambiente donde se defiendan los valores como es Ia defensa de la vida y la dignidad de las personas. Sobre todo que vayan creciendo en un ambiente familiar y amistoso. Me parece muy bueno de la escuela que nosotros coma padres aun podamos pasar por ellos y firmar sus salidas, me da confianza para conocer a los estudiantes y maestros. Tambien da la oportunidad de tener amistad con los demas padres de familia y conocerlos. Esto verdaderamente hace resultar que la escuela puede tener vinculos amistosos.

He visto por experiencia que la Escuela cuida del orden moral de los estudiantes no dejandoles pasar algunas faltas sin que ellos tengan consecuencias. Tratan de resolver los problemas con nosotros y nuestros hijos de manera cuidadosa.

Es una escuela con salones pequeños y eso ayuda a que nuestros hijos tenga mayor atencion y confianza. Algunas personas han intentado que yo lleve mis ninos a otras escuelas por niveles academicos mas altos. Para mi lo mas importante es que mis hijos se sientan seguros en un ambiente tranquilo. De nada sirve tener hijos con grados altos de aprendizaje si en su Corazon no hubo armonia y confianza para aprender.

Estoy agradecida con Dios porque ellos aprenden y van conociendo de la Fe. A su tiempo se daran los frutos para que sean hombres y mujeres de bien."

Fam. Amaya.

Teacher and Staff Testimonials

One of my favorite things about Most Holy Trinity is the time in the school day dedicated to prayer. I appreciate that the importance of having a relationship with God is fostered here through modeling frequent prayer. I think it is also a great attribute of the school that the students get to participate fully in these prayer times. Sometimes they are led in prayer by others, which allows for them to learn from others and spend time quietly reflecting. Sometimes they lead the prayers, which allows for them to be purposeful in their job of bringing others closer to Christ in that moment. In my opinion, nothing could be more important than teaching the students to talk to God often, and I believe that is happening during the morning prayer, the Mass, the after lunch reflection, and the end of the day prayer. If students don't know God, does it really matter what else they may know? – Mrs. Hansen, teacher

I am most proud of the teachers when they take extra time to help the students be successful during and after school. Mrs. Wolf, Preschool Director

I am most proud of the way the school operates as a close-knit community. As a new faculty member, it is wonderful to see how supportive and caring everyone is towards each other here. The students, parents, and teachers all know each other's names and participate or volunteer in extracurricular activities together with the love of a family. Mrs. Scofield, 4th grade teacher

An aspect of our school that I am most proud of is the fact that we provide a Catholic education that not only focuses on academics but also nurtures the entire person. We provide our students with opportunities to expand their knowledge, come together as a community, and come to know God. – Mr. Romero, Computer Science teacher and IT

When you step on our campus you are immediately transfixed to another dimension.  You feel the peace, beauty, and joy the campus holds.  It is a feeling that good things happen here.  Our students are happy, safe, and friendly.  The longer you are a participant in the community the more you see Christ in one another and share a very special relationship with students, families, faculty, and staff.  Mrs. MacCleary, Principal