P.E.A.K Pals

Peers Engaged in Acts of Kindness, or P.E.A.K. Pals, is a  program at MHT that was designed to create a family atmosphere. At the beginning of each school year, older students are paired with younger students to form a partnership/friendship that will grow throughout the year. For the duration of the school year, the students remain partnered with the same "Pal.” Each set of P.E.A.K. Pals is placed into a larger group called a Faith Family.

Within the context of their Faith Families, the P.E.A.K. pals look forward to meeting at least once a month where they engage in a variety of activities together. This program accentuates our family atmosphere by teaching our students patience and how to get along with each other despite differences in age or grade levels. It offers older students an opportunity to nurture and lead their younger counterparts in academics, faith, and social growth while giving the younger students a familiar peer they can appeal to for guidance and friendship.

The students genuinely enjoy their time together and the bond they make with their "Pals" stays with them throughout their time at MHT. When our older students reflect on the time spent with their pals over the years they are able to articulate the impact the program had on their own social and academic education. They recall the fun they had with their pals and how they grew with the program. Time spent with P.E.A.K. Pals is always a favorite part of our students' experience at MHT.