Griffin E. Gaspard Foundation

How our angel became an angel...

August 4, 2011, will be a day most in our community will never forget. It's a day that our sweet Griffin left this beautiful Earth to live eternally with Jesus. For the last four years, our family of six was blessed beyond words. We were a happy and healthy family and we lived our lives to the fullest; however a new challenge was bestowed upon us and as a complete family we found our way.

We have been members of Most Holy Trinity Catholic School and Parish for over a decade and will continue to be an integral part of its fiber and fabric. We were excited to be returning back to campus to attend MHT's Back-to-School BBQ after a wonderful summer away from Phoenix. Sadly, our family didn't make it to the BBQ. Our lives took a tragic turn, and our journey of healing in our faith began almost immediately.

Moments before packing for the BBQ, Griffin got separated from our family and suffered a horrific accident in our family pool. However, our family had an overwhelming sensation that Griffin's accident was not an accident at all… but rather, it was a sign from God that his work on Earth was done and he was needed in Heaven. Griffin has more work left to do on Earth, but it was going to be finished while sitting at the right hand of Jesus.

Days after Griffin's passing our family decided to meet with MHT's new principal to donate his tuition, in his honor, for a new student that needed some financial assistance with the 2011-2012 school year. Our family was then tasked with the heavy burden of writing an obituary for our favorite four year old. As the words flowed, we found ourselves asking his family and friends, in lieu of flowers, to please donate to our small but mighty Catholic school, Most Holy Trinity. The response was overwhelming, the support was overly generous…and thus the birth of The Griffin E. Gaspard Foundation was upon us. It was truly created with all the right feelings: grace, love, joy, peacefulness and faith.

To this day the donations are still flowing. They are flowing in many ways and by some of the most generous hands and hearts. Griffin's powerful healing hands are constantly at work guiding and keeping a watchful eye over those in need. We are so proud of this foundation and all the good coming from within it. We made a commitment to foster this foundation for the first year and then watch all that has been invested grow and continue to touch all those in need. Our family is honored to turn our sad and severe loss into something hopeful, powerful, and filled with unwavering faith.

We hope you find our journey and story touching and as amazing as we do. We hope you find it in your heart to join our foundation's efforts to help those that need a little extra hand, to help those in tight spots, and to help those who have big hearts but small resources.

We appreciate all the continued prayers for our family and know that our tight-knit community blessed us when our hearts were shattered in a million pieces. The Most Holy Trinity community is truly a hidden jewel within our desert, and we are so blessed that we can call it our second home…

And this is how our angel became an angel...


Griffin E. Gaspard Foundation - Donations can be made by checks made payable to:

Most Holy Trinity Catholic School

c/o The Griffin E. Gaspard Foundation

535 E Alice Ave

Phoenix, AZ 85020