Health and Absent Policies

Your child's presence in the classroom is critical to learning and contributes to the learning of other students, as well.

However, we know that there will be times when your child simply cannot attend classes.  We ask all families to observe our policies regarding illnesses and absences as outlined in our Parent/Student handbook.

Please note that the Health Center is strictly for school time emergencies and illnesses.  We ask that parents do not send a sick child to school.

The official school calendar of the Diocese of Phoenix requires 180 days in a school year to meet the attendance requirements of the state education laws.  Students absent more than a total of 20 days may be required to attend a summer school session to progress to the next grade. 

Details regarding our health and absentee policies can be found in the Parent/Student handbook.  This handbook is updated annually. For questions, please contact our school office.